If I could, I’d write a song “It Only Hurts When It Rains” – but a) I can’t write music and b) that title is not entirely true. It’s more like “It Only Hurts Before It Rains. And Sometimes While It Rains. And After It Rains.” – but something tells me that wouldn’t make it onto Billboard’s top songs. And it certainly wouldn’t make it on SNL’s top jokes. So where does that leave me?

Hurting. Still.

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I think we’re climbing out of a weird winter – with very weird weather – and hopefully towards a better spring filled with fewer aches and more environmental motivation to go to the gym…or even go for a walk.

I just wish that the tide wasn’t so strong – and the impact of changing barometric pressure (and the resulting aching joints) didn’t affect me so much. But on days like this past weekend it comes very close to limiting what I do.

Thank goodness museums have benches, right?