Ice Skating Has Its Ups (And Downs)It’s officially wintertime.  Well, maybe not “officially,” but definitely from the look, feel and smell of things … it’s winter.  Which means one thing in New York City:  seasonal ice skating!

I know I’m really a 78-year-old man trapped in a 28-year-old body, but the thought of ice skating is nerve-wracking!  The other day I went to an ice skating party and we all jumped on skates after one (two) drinks.  Which made things even worse!  It was as though the crowd skated in loops, while there was a different kind of loop in my head, saying, “Don’t fall!  Don’t break anything!  Don’t fall!”

When you have arthritis, ice skating brings new meaning to the “walking on thin ice” analogy — I was petrified of getting hurt (and looking stupid … which, obviously, was more important at the time).  Holding a girl’s hand while I skated didn’t make it any easier.

But at least it made me focus on something other than getting hurt.  For 30 seconds.