I have been to the gym 7 times in the last 10 days. That’s right, an all-time record. Though my time spent there isn’t exactly to train for the Olympics. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I have decided that to overcome the barriers-to-exercise (to steal a business school reference) I need to start slowly and not overdo it. So if 25 minutes on a treadmill is all I accomplish, I feel good knowing it’s better than nothing. And the next day it’s 30 minutes. And so on. The idea is to stretch, sweat and stretch, in that order.

And in the spirit of not overdoing it, I’ve been experimenting with Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a really cool form of controlled movement which leaves me feeling great afterwards. The exertion level is just about right and there isn’t any jarring or impact on my joints, so my hips and knees don’t feel abused after 5 minutes. I’m looking into a Tai Chi class at least once a week and in the meantime I’ve been learning some of the basics from my friend, and Tai Chi instructor, Kenny.

For the record, going to the gym doesn’t mean needing someone to spot you lifting 200 pounds. I’m learning this the hard way. Or, technically, the easy way. And it feels great.