I have adopted a new personal policy of “up two, down three”. It means that if I’m in a building with an elevator (and stairs, obviously), I will walk up two flights of stairs (and not take the elevator), and I’ll walk down (up to) three flights. In other words if I’m on the 6th floor and I need to go to 8, I’ll walk it. Yup! I’ll ask someone walking by me “where are the stairs?”.

In New York we’re obsessed with the elevator. Seriously obsessed. The vast majority of people in New York don’t take the stairs when there’s an elevator. So hopefully this will catch on? It’s about feeling good, saving some time (walking down is almost always faster) and avoiding a smelly, shaky elevator which feels like it can break at any time (or smells like something broke moments earlier).

Now granted, some days I can walk more, and other days I am parked in the elevator like it’s my job, but generally speaking, it’s a new policy. If you have the chance to do it you should. Up two, down three. Someone make a t-shirt.