Cara, Little Dude and  I escaped harm and have been “hunkered down” (an overused but appropriate term) all week. Sandy came into town with a hard bite, taking aim at our great city. Luckily, we live on the Upper East Side, and have opened our home to friends who were less fortunate downtown. Sunday night was as scary as it was exciting.Hunkered Down for Sandy

At one point we thought we’d suit up and go outside to the East River, to see the raging storm surge with our own eyes. We didn’t make it further than two blocks before common sense said “turn the heck around!” and back we went to our apartment. This storm has wreaked havoc on my joints – there is no doubt a strong correlation between stress and the way we feel, and if there is one word to describe this storm, it’s ‘stressful’! The best thing we could do for ourselves it turn off the local news, and turn on a Beatles album! Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this storm.