Here we are in the “dog days of summer”, technically. I’m in a real workout slump – haven’t been for weeks – on account of the humidity. Boy I’ll find any excuse not to exercise. Humidity! With that I’d never leave the house if I lived in Florida (which is why I don’t live there, for the record), but it’s still a C+ reason, at best.

One thing that is good about summer are the movies; sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. If you’re like my dad you see that animated movie that I can neither pronounce nor spell. If you’re me, you see SiCKO. Now we’re talking!

Everyone has their own opinion about Michael Moore, the filmmaker behind SiCKO. And believe me, I have mine. But what’s important here is that the movie needs to be appreciated at face value: why don’t we talk about the problems with the healthcare system? It’s one part shameful, one part embarrassing, one part criminal.

We’re the ones taking 12 pills a day and spending 12 hours a month arguing with insurance companies. We’re the ones pigeon holed into a certain doctor or clinic thanks largely to an MBA making decisions instead of an MD. We’re the ones with a chronic disease who are literally rated second- or third-class as a result.

It’s our responsibility to do more than cool off for 2 hours and see SiCKO. It’s our job to tell the world about it and contribute to the solution. Or at least facilitate one.

What do you think? Let 'em hear it!