Arthritis 101 is learning how to know when it's time to let go and improvise.

Moderation — if not stopping doing things we love all together — becomes the norm.

We plan events like a military operation.

Kevin and I went to see Jackson Browne and Jimmy Buffett a few weekends ago in Frisco, Texas. We knew a few Parrot Heads and had an invitation to come hang out with them the afternoon before the show.

We originally were only going to stay Saturday night, but I had been exceptionally busy the weeks before the show so at the last minute we decided to drive down Friday and already be there Saturday, rested and ready to play.

We decided to really splurge and we rented a very nice car to drive for the weekend.

We were set to go and have a tropical weekend.

I have family in the Metroplex and had planned to have dinner with them Friday night.

Two things happened that could have turned the whole trip into a complete disaster. Our car didn't come with GPS and between that and all the road construction on the way to where we were supposed to meet my family, we found ourselves sitting in a parking lot, phones ringing with calls from my cousins wondering where we were. My husband temper was rising, and mine wasn't far behind.

Since I knew where we'd come from, I took the only route possible. I called my cousins, apologized abjectly to all of them, wrote a public apology to them on Facebook and Kevin and I stopped into a cigar bar for drinks and a smoke for him.

It turned into a grand evening. Everyone there was nice. The drinks were good, they had food delivered for us. We stayed there several hours decompressing and enjoying the company.

Saturday we went to the mayhem that is tailgating at any Buffett show. We found our Oklahoma City gang, checked in, and then spent time walking around looking at all the insanity Parrot Heads revel in and went back to our area in time to hear a Buffett tribute band play a set while we ate a catered dinner and readied ourselves for the show.

It was great. We left the show relaxed and laughing.

We got up Sunday in plenty of time to drive the wonderful car back to the rental company, came home and collapsed.

Maybe it was not feeling rushed (at least most of the time) or the fact everyone we met was nice and friendly, or it could have been hearing those great songs by Jackson Browne and visiting the tropics with Jimmy Buffett, but we both were more relaxed that we'd been in ages.

Sometimes throwing plans out the window and going with the flow is just the stress-buster you need.