Last night I was in the men’s room at a restaurant. No news there. While I was washing my hands, I witnessed an interaction which lasted maybe 10 seconds, but will stay with me forever.

Probably not what you think.

There was a man standing in the middle, I’d guess about 45 years old, unwrapping a sealed plastic bag with tubes dangling from it. A second man, much older, asked what he was doing. Without skipping a beat, the younger man looked up and with a half smile replied “God gives us all challenges,” and then proceeded to go into the stall to — I’d only imagine — swap out a colostomy bag.

“God gives us all challenges” — that sent shivers down my spine. I’m not a religious person, I wouldn’t personally qualify a medical condition with religion, but I did take a minute to reflect. That man had a very admirable way of looking at a very bad medical situation.

God gives us all challenges.