Attention established RA Bloggers as well as those who would like to try blogging about their rheumatoid arthritis: The first annual #RABlog Week runs Sept. 21 through Sept. 27.


rablogweekmemeThis is not your usual RA Blogging


#RABlog Week is not your usual RA blogging. Typically, RA blogs are composed as standalone articles where the blogger spends a lot of time creating a well thought out essay.  Frankly, it’s a lot of work.


#RABlog week is about fun. We’re looking for quick responses to topics, not unlike automatic writing where you get a prompt and write the first thing that comes to mind.


How exactly does #RABlog Week work?


#RAblog Week is a seven day event running from Sept. 21 through Sept. 27, 2015.  You can join in the blogging or simply sit back and enjoy all the submissions—or both.


Ten topics have been selected (one each day as well as three wild card topics). Each day of the seven days bloggers are encouraged to write about the topic of the day, which can range from onset stories to explaining your RA. If a daily topic does not resonate with the blogger then a wild card topic may be chosen.


For a sneak peek of the topics, a full list is posted on, the website hosting the event: topics-for-rablog-week



But please remember, the point is not to try to outdo other bloggers but to have fun, write and of course read as many blogs as possible.  #RABlog week is your chance to become known and get to know a wide range of bloggers in the rheumatoid arthritis community.


How do you register for #RABlog Week?


You can sign up to participate as a blogger in #RABlog Week until midnight (ET), Sunday, Sept. 20.  To register go to register-2015-rablog-week


Where can you read all the blogs?


All #RABlog Week blogs will be posted on one site   We have a nice list of participating bloggers that is growing each day.  Feel free to check it out.


How did the first annual #RABlog Week get its start?


This idea was inspired by the fiber-blogging event, Knitting and Crochet Blog Week  One of the knitters, Karen Graffeo, is also a person with diabetes.  Based on her experience with fiber-blogging, in 2009 Karen developed a blog week for the diabetes community,  #DBlog Week . #Dblog week has become a much beloved event in the diabetes community that helps bloggers connect with the greater diabetes community and other bloggers.


After seeing the impact that #DBlog Week has in the diabetes community (I have type 1 diabetes as well as rheumatoid arthritis), I wanted to bring that same blog energy to the RA community.


I hope  #RABlog Week will promote discussion about important topics trending among the RA community, build awareness of advocacy opportunities, and promote the use of other social media tools by  bloggers.


But most of all I hope #RABlog Week will be fun.


Hope to read you there.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]


May the blog be with you:)  I hope you will join us to rock the blog in 2015.