Funny thing happened the other day: I went swimming. Granted it’s the best form of exercise and for those of us with arthritis we can’t ask for a better way to work out and feel good. But for those of us with arthritis and a mild case of OCD, sometimes swimming isn’t that easy. There’s also a dose of laziness thrown in there – finding a pool, drying off, etc. – all pretty lame excuses for not swimming. But hey, what’s lame to you could mean the world to me, so for a lot of (stupid) reasons I’ve steered clear of the water for quite some time.

Until this week, that is.

I’ve been traveling around meeting with community centers in cities around the country to organize patient education programs, and when I travel I need to work out (to compensate for the surge in hamburger eating). Plus it’s summer and that means the beach. So exercising is a must.

But with the ridiculously strict (or just plain ridiculous) TSA restrictions on carry-on’s (thanks to the War on Terror™), and the airlines carelessness in losing our bags, packing for a workout has become a pain. So instead of shlepping the clod-hoppers (sneakers) and other gym clothes, a pair of flips and a bathing suit makes for a much lighter bag. So I started swimming again!

Like I said – funny how those things happen. What’s even funnier is that I didn’t sink after eating that 8-ouncer with a low-fat American cheese.