You know what I think this world needs? (Besides some freaking peace and quiet for once…) We need a place for anyone living with a chronic condition like arthritis to go to let their hair down. A place where you can shut the door, close the windows, and scream at the top of your lungs. If screaming is what will make you feel better. 

Put differently, we need a place where we can stop being polite, stop being politically correct, and tell it like it is. Without fear of being judged, but driven by fear of what would happen if we contained these feelings for another moment. 

An XXX-rated (at least an R rated) forum to let loose on what living with arthritis really feels like. This place should exist for those of us who need to vent, but for those of us who enjoy some off-color commentary. 

Since when did arthritis become so polite? 

The New Yorker in me wants a place to go when I feel like crap, and where I don't want to use a word as gentle as "crap". 

So it's up to us to make that place, and then to use it when we think we need to. 

Is this something you'd want us to host? You know we love our four letter words. And don't be shy…so you do (sometimes). 

*&@% Yea!