I have been getting more and more into it these past few years, and now that I watch the game so closely, I’m finding myself wincing at each play when hundreds of pounds of men collide with hundreds of pounds of other men. How do they do it!?


I’m almost at the point where I can’t watch the slow-motion-hi-def replays because they look too painful to me. I’d rather watch the Discovery Channel feature a snake biting a rabbit’s head off, than a linebacker smashing into another player at full force.

I sit at home on winter Sunday’s and think “it’s pretty likely that I will not grow up to play football”. Then again, I sat around and thought that as a kid, before I had arthritis.

And yet, there’s something about the game which compels me to care about it! Until my New York Jets flub the game so badly that I have to turn it off for other painful reasons.