Sure, we could have left it at spiffing up the homepage and maybe adding a new feature here and there.  Instead, we went full steam for an entire tear down and then rebuilding it just the way we want it. We disassembled thousands of parts, and made sure to organize things in a more logical, prettier way. It took months, and we had the world’s best experts involved, and I’m excited to say that we’re preparing to finally unveil…our new CreakyJoints website!

A lot that has changed but we were careful to keep the heritage and the history of nearly 15 years of building, strengthening and “plugging in” the arthritis community. We kept our humor (in fact, I think that it has steadily improved, as our Facebook page proves), and we balanced it with the seriousness and the importance of our strengthened medical and scientific advisory board. Think of them as the world’s best doctors, all gathered together, to help you better manage your arthritis.

I believe that people with arthritis ought to live their lives to their fullest potential. The new CreakyJoints website is engineered to better serve our needs as a community (be sure to participate!), and to help us get what we need to live the best lives we can.

The new CreakyJoints extreme makeover is a whole lot more than a new website. To help you feel better, we’ve re-built an innovative advocacy organization.

Thank goodness for technology, right? It’s coming soon. Very, very soon.