Today was a day to sleep in and recover. Last night there was a terrific dinner at the Aquarium, and the tenters had a chance to sleep with the sharks! For those of us in the hotels, it was sleep in….. and for me – pack up.

A short trip to Bike Newport – the sponsors of the ride and the mechanics supporting the ride – revealed a fabulous bike shop with full bike support services, showers, lounge and terrific local coffee! Elliot and Darren have been a terrific road support team and also the receivers and shippers of bikes. I said good bye once again to mine to have it shipped to San Francisco for the next part of the journey – a trip down the California Coast.

There are a few diehard riders who will travel down to Brookings on Friday then jump in a van and drive to San Francisco for the Saturday ride – gotta love the dedication to the Arthritis Foundation!

For me it is a few days of rest and then more fun! Thanks again for everyone’s support – it makes the hills smaller and the ride shorter knowing there are many people cheering us on!

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