Hello, my faithful readers. Originally, I was poised to skip the column this week because I thought it might be getting a bit stale. I was assured that quite the opposite is true, though, so far be it from me to disappoint people who actually want to read what I write. How could I be so callous? 
Unfortunately, I can’t promise you that we will be discussing something terribly interesting this week. It’s very difficult to come up with topics twice a month, even though yours truly makes it look easy. It’s actually funny because someone asked me the other day why I don’t write the column every day. I told them it’s not matter of “don’t,” it’s a matter of can’t! Even if I was some sort of circus performer, I couldn’t come up with something to write about each and every day. In fact, I think it would be a valuable lesson for us to go over just what goes in to each and every post that you all enjoy reading.

First, let me begin by saying that the entire CreakyJoints family is amazing. They are caring, considerate, and kind, and they will do anything to help a lowly blog author such as myself. So, I never want to let them down by missing a post deadline. I try to conduct myself in the most professional way possible, and to me that means not missing any of my due dates. In reality, though, I’m an idiot.

On the day I submit my piece, I should already be thinking about what to write the next week. That’s what any responsible author would do. Unfortunately that’s not me. You can’t blame me, though. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me over that two weeks yet, so how can I write about it?

So, about a week goes by and I don’t usually come across anything to post about. Since the deadline is the Tuesday a week before the newsletter comes out, it still gives me a week to figure out something to write. I don’t generally come up with anything during this first week, though, because even if something of note happens to me, I’m not sure that something even more awesome won’t happen to me in the week to come. For instance, if I swim with dolphins in the first week, I could write about that, for sure. It’s interesting and I’m sure you guys would want to hear about it. If I do write about it though, what happens if in that next week until the deadline, I get to hang out with the Spice Girls? You get the idea.

So, I usually wait until the weekend before the deadline to write my post. That way I can ensure that I won’t miss anything and have to wait another three weeks to write about it. Sounds like a good plan, right? Well, unfortunately, it never seems to work out that way. It goes more like this:

Friday before deadline:  Ok, here we go, time to write. Ok, what am I going to write about? How about my doctor’s appointment last week? That’s didn’t go so well. No, nobody wants to hear me whine again. How about that article I read about the progression of R.A. in children? No, that’s too boring. Hmm. I’m hungry, I’ll do this later.

Saturday before deadline: Oh darn. I should have done this yesterday. I shouldn’t have let myself get side tracked by that movie we watched. Bah. Ok, time to write. What should I post about? Hmm,. How about that doctor’s appointment.. no, I already crossed that off my list. Oh, I know! I’ll write about the horrors I have been experiencing lately trying to get an orthotic device! Great. Now, where to start? Oh look, The Burbs is on TV! That’s my favorite movie! I’ll just watch it then write.

Monday before deadline: Ok ok, this is it, time to write. I need to submit this piece before tomorrow. Ok, I am going to write about my orthotic, where should I start? I know, I’ll tell people what an orthotic is and how it is used. Great. Now, oh wait, is that the doorbell?

Wednesday after deadline: Oh God! I forgot the blog again! This is so dumb, I’m so stupid. I can’t keep doing this to CJ. They are going to revoke my blogging status! Oh hurry up, hurry up, write the blog! I have to stop doing this!

So, I think you have a better understanding now of how my two weeks to prepare for blogging goes. It isn’t as easy as people think to come up with topics, but you can rest assured that I will never leave you hanging. In fact, that brings up a good point.

I know there are at least a few hundred of you who read my blog on a bi-weekly basis. Let me first say thanks, and second let me ask you all a favor. I’d love to hear what you all think about my blog — comments, questions, and potential topics. You can always post on the Facebook CJ page but you can also visit my new author website at http://www.danielpmalito.com.  There is a form there for submitting an e-mail to me.  I’d be happy to talk to anyone, and as those who have contacted me before can attest to, I do my best to get back to everyone who send me a message!