Do you have any idea how much you do every day?

How often do you stop to think what it takes to get through a day – and give yourself a high five for accomplishing so much?

Yes – I thought so. You don’t do it very often…

Let’s have today be different.

Most of what you do to get through an ordinary day looks, well, ordinary.

It’s not. It’s quite extraordinary. Without complaint, without crying about how much your  (hand, toe, knee, hip.. you fill in the blank) hurts, you get up, make breakfast ( and oh yes, it hurts to open that jar.. stand on the cold floor).

Maybe you help someone else in your family get their day started, maybe you make breakfast for more than one person..

You put on clothes – no, not those tight shoes today…another set of decisions that forces you to evaluate “How do I feel?”

But you aren’t even really thinking about it.

So let’s stop right there, take a pause and say “Wow. You have already moved a small mountain..” Give yourself a pat, a kiss – and say what I say, ”You are amazing..”

Because you are.

You don’t tell yourself this nearly often enough. You don’t have time to stop and pay attention to how much grit and energy it takes to get through your day. You don’t add up the extra minutes that accumulate into hours that it takes to run your life efficiently through the pain, and the difficulty, and the time spent catching up on sleep.

So, I am taking today to look at your schedule and your daily life and I am saying, “Wow. You are amazing. You are the energizer bunny even when you don’t want to be. You are inspiring..

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You don’t need to. Your life and your circumstances are unique – and you have made something beautiful and admirable out of them.

Be as impressed as I am. Crow a little. It feels good to acknowledge yourself. Take the time to really look at what you do and marvel that you do it. Buy yourself a card, or flowers, or take yourself out for a coffee and say “well done.”

If you don’t appreciate what it takes to be you, it will be hard for anyone else to.

So today is the moment to take stock, make a list of what you do to get your life going, look honestly at how you manage, even on the hardest days.

Give yourself a shout out, send me an email and let me know how proud you are of You.

This is a small exercise that supports your mental health and sustains your precious energy. If you can’t bring yourself to do it, ask someone you trust to tell you. Just ask them to tell you out loud how they see you and what you do every day.

You will be glad you did.