This summer we have the privilege of welcoming seven 20160606_153630interns/fellows to the CreakyJoints team. Each of them will post a blog or two sharing their perspectives.  Within these posts, they will give you a window into what it’s like to work behind the scenes here as students of “CreakyUniversity” also known as “Creaky-U”

They will shed light on all the hard work the team puts in as they tackle issues ranging from advocacy, research, technology, and community engagement. Chronicling their stories, experiences, and thoughts, each of our interns has a unique lens from which to connect their life with the work we do here. From the plains of Kansas, to the busy streets of New York City, our interns are the future of a healthier America.



Sarah  Kreavette is a Public and Community Health Major at Ithaca College by way of Long Island, New York. A steadfast advocate for woman’s health, Sarah lives with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and connected with CreakyJoints over social media. When not working to change the world, Sarah is a regular groupie for the likes of Basenectar and the Dave Mathews band. Here at CreakyJoints she is working as a patient advocacy and social media intern, ensuring everyone from doctors, nurses, patients, and legislators can be connected to the daily work of our non-profit.


Mack Hale is a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Major at Middlebury College by way of Northampton, Massachusetts, where he learned to become “disgusting at Yo-Yoing”. When asked where he sees himself in five years he scoffed, and looked back at his laptop. Here at CreakyJoints Mack works on the patient advocacy team, helping to eliminate policy barriers and bring patients closer to the medicine they need.


Susanna Buff is a Nursing Student at the University of Pennsylvania from Brooklyn, New York, where she developed a deep interest for women’s health advocacy. Asked what she would do with a free afternoon, she answered with various Winston Churchill quotes, making team members both impressed and confused. Susanna works with our patient advocacy team to help legislators understand the importance of patient access.


David Zilburg is a Computer Science Major at Northeastern University by way of Wyckoff, New Jersey.   David was unavailable for questioning, as he was too busy producing classic hits “Need to be” and “Search” on sound cloud. As a member of the web development team, David has worked to redesign and code new websites to help spread CreakyJoints message across the globe.


Hosain Ghassemi is a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Major at Middlebury College by way of Kansas City, Kansas. When not procrastinating on school work, Hosain enjoys long runs and eating outrageous amounts of food. As a member of the patient advocacy team, Hosain brings his skills as an animator to help illustrate the daily struggles of patients and doctors through powerful storytelling.




Jacqueline Beltejar is currently studying in Columbia’s Public Health Master program at Columbia University a graduate of Rutgers University holding degrees in both Cell Biology & Neuroscience and Public Health. Originally from Parsippany, New Jersey, Jacqueline enjoys shredding powder on the mountains of Colorado with none other than Hugh Jackman. Jacqueline is a Research and Advocacy fellow here at CreakyJoints and works to ensure patients voices and stories are a part of all of CreakyJoint’s research.


Erik Harden is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, holding a degree in Biological and Medical Anthropology and pursing a Masters in Health Advocacy from Sarah Lawrence College. Erik is best known for his role in Night at The Museum, or at least that’s what we’ve decided to assume based on his two years of work as a Forensic and Medical anthropology researcher at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. As a fellow in the research division of CreakyJoints, Erik has served as integral part of countless patient driven research efforts.

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