Creak here. And by here, I mean still here, still on my vacation. And by vacation, I mean crises. Apparently, without anyone telling me first, the powers that be decided to stop the Concorde’s flights. It should be a well-established fact by now that I, Creak, travel only in the greatest of style. What were they thinking? I have been on the phones day and night, night and day trying to get my plane back in the air, but they refuse. What’s a dog who needs his room to stretch out in style to do? Certainly not coach (excuse me, I meant to say economy class), and certainly not subsonic.It looks like I’ll be here for quite some time, because in all honesty this dog refuses to leave a different way than he came. It’s…unnatural, to say the least. I’m fighting this one to the end, dear readers. The bird will fly yet again. That or I’ll be here for an indefinite period of time. It remains to be seen, but never fear, you’ll be periodically posted. Wish me luck, and I’ll be back in action as soon as this battle is won.