I told them!  Bringing that horrid, orange kitty home was the worst idea since allowing a profit-driven oil company to drill at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. For the record, oil does not just disappear – in fact, nothing just disappears. I digress – not only has this cat shredded the cushions on the sofa, it has destroyed an entire linen closet, and soiled the laundry room’s air with its fowl litter box.

I know that the elder of my pets have had enough havoc, but the daughter has grown quite fond of this walking shredder.  She has even named it.  Its name is Mr. Boots!

GROWL! What an innocuous name for such a spawn of evil. Having the daughter as its advocate is the only reason that cat is still encroaching on my territory.

I called it! I barked it, but no one listened to Creak. I will now have to do something drastic to change the ‘steaks’ of this war – yum, steaks