We are sliding into the Holidays – that all encompassing word to describe the next weeks of lighting candles, eating, gift-buying, partying, family and more family.

I am grateful for all of you this Thanksgiving

But today we are on the cusp of the beginning – Thanksgiving.

There is a lot of talk about the habit of gratefulness and many of us turn that talk into practice.. We know when we remember to give thanks it helps us feel better- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There are lots of ways to practice being grateful – journals, end of day and beginning of day reminders, prayers, lists, notes. All of it is helpful.

thanksgiving turkey

But this Thanksgiving, I want you to add another small practice.

Go to the mirror and look at yourself. And by mirror, I mean a full length one. Look at your whole self.

Now begin to tell yourself what you are grateful for in You.

Are you funny? Brave ? Strong? Do you follow through? Are you thoughtful of others? A hard worker?

Dig a little deeper – think about the qualities a good friend would note – not just the obvious. A friend would tell you how magnificently you deal with your illness. “You cope daily with so much hassle and stress – from insurance to medication to living with pain – and you smile it off as “nothing.” That’s heroism.

A friend would look at you with love and tell you the world would be a colder and flatter place without your magical smile and creative energy.

A friend notes the specifics of you – and it is worth noting them to yourself.

I am grateful for all of you this Thanksgiving.

It is one of my deepest beliefs that we are creating the world by the way we live with one another. You constantly show me the power of perseverance. It may look ordinary to you – but the grace and grit I see and hear from you is not common.

I know some of you have had very tough years – you’ve gotten the diagnosis. The medications haven’t worked well. Your insurance company has been the Enemy more than the illness. And yet., you have lived and loved and celebrated and brought light and care into your world. That is extraordinary daily living.

So look at yourself carefully and lovingly and give thanks.