My dear Creaky Joints friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve written because thedreaded other shoe has dropped. It seems like us “spoonies” or “creakies”or “chronic babes”–however you refer to yourself–are always walking throughlife wondering if the proverbial other shoe will fall off the other foot. Will our labresults reveal an increase in inflammation? Will our spell of good health end justas suddenly as it began? Will our new medication fail us? In my case, I have a newdiagnosis to add to my laundry list of 5+ conditions. What’s all the commotionabout? My thyroid has suddenly grinded to a halt.It seems like every time I receive a diagnosis, it comes with a big “A-HA” moment.As in, “A-HA” that’s why I was sooooo tired! That’s why I gained twelve pounds intwo months! That’s why I was hypoglycemic all of a sudden! That’s why my painincreased ten-fold! Unfortunately “A-HA” so often means “Oh no!” in my case. Butthanks to help from my rheumatologist and other specialists, I hope to turn my “OhNo!” into “Let’s go!” and get back to a full, vigorous life.In order to get some much needed rest and put my health first—a concept I’madmittedly not very well versed in, I will be taking a break from Kristin 2.0 for alittle while. I am determined to jump start my thyroid gland and give it a good ol’kick in the pants. What will I be doing while I’m away? Here’s a sneak peek: I plan tofocus on meditation, new combinations of exercise (more yoga, more walking, morepilates, lighter weights and higher reps), a new sleep regimen, taking my new medsfaithfully, repeating positive affirmations, following an iodine rich, clean diet, takingcooking lessons, and establishing a new daily schedule that incorporates morefrequent breaks every hour. I hope to return to you a less stressed, more energeticKristin 2.0 with some tips to share!Ciao Creakies!P.S. To all of our Creaky friends dealing with Sandy’s aftermath, my heart and prayers go out to you. I have lived through three hurricanes and tropical storms the size of hurricanes! I do understand what it is like–and how especially hard it is to be sick in these circumstances. Do what you can to take extra, extra care of yourselves. Let us know how you are doing on Facebook and the forum.  

CreakyJoints wishes Kristin the best as she takes some time off from blogging to focus on her own health and wellness.

The entire CreakyJoints community benefits when Kristin blogs, and we look forward to her return, whether she resumes her full-length blogs, or chooses to write mini-blogs of 50 words or less when she has a thought to share.We know that any chronic disease brings good and bad times, so if you feel like participating as a blogger, whether you feel good or not, let us know. We have a great editor who can help you share your thoughts and feelings with the world.

Seth GinsbergCo-founder and person with arthritis