A case of spring feverIt’s official: I have spring fever. I didn’t think that’s what it was at first – most people commonly mistake it for “allergies”, but after discussing these symptoms with my doctor at length, we concluded that it is, in fact, spring fever.

Fortunately, there is a drug for spring fever, however, my insurance (Oxford) does not cover it without me first trying two, older medicines and failing on both of them. Isn’t that horse shit? I mean come on – fail first is something out of the dark ages of insurance. Who are they to tell me to first fail on two older medicines for spring fever? Where is the humanity in that?

Maybe I should hop on over to http://www.FailFirstHurts.org and share my story here. Granted, the spring fever will pass (the real antidote: summer), but for those of us who have had to jump through these hoops before, it’s time we come together, unify our voice, and tell our legislators and the public just what we think: it’s bullshit.