This week I head down to Brazil to speak at the RioRheum conference – a meeting of a few hundred rheumatologists, as well as patients, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I see myself as an (unofficial) (unsanctioned) healthcare ambassador. I’ll be talking to doctors about how to communicate with their patients better, and to patients I’ll be sharing our experiences with CreakyJoints and how building a community can help people feel better.

I’m looking forward to the trip, which will be for a week, but not looking forward to that flight, which is 11 hours. That’s like three movies, two books and a nap in airline passenger time!

Never been to Brazil, but heard it’s great. And “60 Minutes” did a perfectly timed piece this week, all about Brazil, so I had the benefit of the Cliff’s Notes version of what to expect. And since it was “60 Minutes”, it was brought to me by the makers of Uloric, Zyrtec and Levitra. Thanks guys!