This is the week of the year where everyone in my universe is sick. In the Northeast, more specifically in New York City, where temperatures have fluctuated by about 400 degrees overnight lately, waking up is all it takes to come down with something. Borderline addicted to sinus rinses

But the past week for me has brought with it a weird head cold/sinus/thing which I’ve never experienced before. Usually I get a cold and everything from my lungs to the top of my head feels like it went five rounds with Mike Tyson. But this time it was just my sinuses and my nose that was totally blocked up.

The doctor recommended a sinus rinse – like a neti pot – but the kind that I squeeze up into my nose. She said I could use a rinse every few hours until my congestion started to subside. At first I was a little skeptical, since I have battled my sinuses and have been blowing my nose relentlessly for 32 years straight, but I succumbed to this $14.99 proposed solution and figured I’d give nature a try.

The result: I could not be happier. I’m borderline addicted to this rinse, having used it about 8 times in three days, because the sensation feels so good. When I do it, despite the gag reflex it sometimes evokes, my brain knows what’s happening and the thought of flushing out the crap that’s been lodged up there feels so ‘logical’. But the feeling afterwards is amazing: it’s like I took all of the boxes of old junk out of the attic, so the upstairs is now clean and fresh and easy breezy.

Cleaning the basement, on the other hand, feels like a much larger task (true in real life as well as in the analogy). So for now, we’ll stick with the sinus irrigation before we conquer the colon irrigation.

And on that TMI note …