This weekend Cara and I painted the town red — for Fashion Week! We had a chance to attend a runway show, and an officially sanctioned “after party” — which, frankly, is totally overhyped. If the thoughts of “Zoolander” come to mind, then you have all of the information about Fashion Week that you need. That movie was so spot on!Beauty is pain

We primarily enjoyed the people watching, and having a chance to go out on a (free) date. Inevitably though, spending time watching/surrounded by all of those models made us feel a little inadequate in several vain ways. Not that we really care …

The one thing I did wrong was actually try to dress cool and wear my old shoes. Big mistake! It took about 10 minutes for my feet to start aching, and by the end of the night I was crying for some ice (not for my drink, mind you). I can really sympathize with people (women) who complain about their aching feet. I just can’t sympathize with people (women) who complain about their feet every single time that they wear their shoes.

Form over function? Yea, right.