Balance is Overrated

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Everyone is supposed to be balanced – between work and play, between duty and freedom, between “my “ time and time for everyone else.
Maybe it’s not about capturing time. Or getting a grip on everything, balancing it and making it ALL happen.

I keep reading about and hearing about the need for balance.

No one admits the whole idea is a myth and a fraud.

We can’t be balanced if we work at a demanding job, and have to take care of our health, and also want to hang out with family and friends, and maybe do some volunteering and have time to floss.

We can only grab chunks of time here and slivers of moments there and hope for the best.

There is no evenly weighted measure for every activity and dream and responsibility.

So how do we talk about keeping some sane time in our calendar?

Where do we capture moments for joy, not just maintenance, and for wandering and wondering in our demanding regimen?

Maybe it’s not about capturing time. Or getting a grip on everything, balancing it and making it ALL happen.

It may be more about our attitude than our calendar.

Especially since the research continues to show that the states of mind we find most elusive – like peacefulness and trust and calm and a zen-like surrender – are the ones that help our health the most.

Cultivating those states of mind open up space we didn’t know was there.

How do we do that?

Instead of worrying about balancing your time and demands, take a moment to breathe.

Let your shoulders drop and your chest loosen.

Breathe again.

It feels good doesn’t it?

Those brief pauses to connect with yourself can be stretched for a few minutes longer.

Take a moment to ask yourself what you most need to do. 

Listen for the answer from your body-mind, not the dictator who lives in your head.

It will take some practice, and some time, and then you will begin to hear what you need to do. Sometimes it’s work. Sometimes it’s rest or to move around.

What you are creating is another way to live your life. It’s less about balance that you impose from without and more about rhythm that comes form within.

This is a path to healing and wholeness.

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