I’m very excited to share the news from this weekend of the latest addition to the family! My brother Justin had a baby! It’s amazing because he is only the second reported case of a man giving birth to a child. Just kidding. His wife Erin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Hannah, and we couldn’t be happier for them. As we say in our family, Mazel Tov!

The whole experience seemed very surreal, especially since they elected to have a baby at a brand new medical facility (literally opened in June) that is around the corner from where they live. Walking the hallways of this hospital – with its “new hospital smell” – felt more like a Hilton than it did a hospital. I’m not the biggest fan of hospitals, I think a lot of them have pretty crummy karma, but this place felt great!

What’s more amazing is how far the baby medical world has evolved, at least in my view, since our first niece was born nearly a dozen years ago. Since then we’ve had three other additions to our family (by birth, at least) and each time the medical portion seems more sophisticated and more robust. Which is a good thing for the future babies in our lives.

But as we gazed at Hannah for the first time, not nearly a day old, I paused and respected the miracle of life. May she grow up in a peaceful world, with as much health, and as much happiness as possible!