I think it has officially turned into a tradition – for me to make an entry every October 11 (or thereabout) and register that another year has passed. Yup, it’s the birthday again, this time 29, and it has arrived with no fanfare whatsoever. Not only because it is a totally insignificant age, but more importantly because every year that passes I am more laid back and care a little less about my birthday being a big deal. But on the flip side, I take pause this day every year now to evaluate where things are, how far they’ve come, and, most importantly, where I want them to go.



Generally speaking, all is well in birthday land.


Health-wise, I could be better. Sure I should be working out more often, but that’s a given. I am finding myself feeling stiffer and achier than usual these days, and it is 100% correlated with my mood and, dare I say, with my age. For me it is a different situation since technically I have always felt older than I am, physically speaking, but now it’s catching up to me and I’m feeling older because I am older.


Scary thought of the day: if I feel this way when I turn 29, what will 59 feel like? Oy.