Are you all still against tongue piercing? I’m 14.


Dear Chrome,

It’s been a while since I’ve covered this topic.  I am sure by this time you and everyone else that is interested in this topic have scoured your favorite search engines for terms like: Dangers of tongue piercings, horrible side effects, loss of sensation in your tongue FOREVER (imagine never tasting anything ever again,) inhaling your barbell into your lung, DEATH, etc.  Have I mentioned how many germs there are in your mouth?  The more than 500 different kinds of microbes in your chops together with an open wound is not be the smartest combo choice you could order off the fast-food menu of youth. 

Alas, you will probably do whatever you want to in the end.  Honestly I had thought this lingual-impeding fad had long ago past. 

— M

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