Dear Ms. Meniscus:

I have psoriatic arthritis and my psoriasis is looking pretty ugly these days. I'm looking into the injections, but for now I'm just suffering with the topical stuff. How can I let people know this stuff is not contagious and I'm still the same person underneath the splotches.

Afraid to go out

Dear Afraid to go out:

Psoriasis can be a very heavy burden to live with because of the misconceptions of others about your condition. The good news is that there is growing awareness about psoriasis. Famous people like LeAnn Rimes have started to speak out about having felt uncomfortable in public and hiding the disease for years.

You do not have to have to hide from the world, nor do you have to design a tshirt which declares that you are not contagious. Talk to people individually. Start with your friends. The more people are educated about what exactly your condition is, the better off everyone will be. This even goes on to benefit others who might have your same condition. It might be nerve-wrecking at first, but will be worth it when you are enjoying life again.

If you haven’t seen your dermatologist to talk about biologics, do it. Biologics are either injected or infused and they can produce dramatic improvements in many people with psoriasis. The general rule is that if you have a patch bigger than the palm of your hand, you are a candidate. You’ll have to find a dermatologist who works with biologics – only about 10 percent do – but the treatment is covered by most health insurance plans.

Speaking of psoriasis, I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that the CreakyJoints family tree is expanding soon to include two new websites!  They will be called CreakyBones (for Osteoporosis) and RedPatch (for Psoriasis).  Once these launch, current CJ members will automatically have access to the content and can login using their established usernames and passwords to any of the three websites. We hope that these new community counterparts will help to create more awareness, education and advocacy much like CreakyJoints continues to do!


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