I’ve held back for long enough! Time to tell you all about our puppy, Little Dude! And yes, that’s his real name. As a wedding present to ourselves, and because we are now a couple of adults (on paper, at least), Cara and I welcomed Little Dude into our lives back in early July. We’ve enjoyed watching him explore the world, feel his way through An addition to the familythings, and grow up into a really sweet young puppy. Both of us feel better now that Little Dude is in our lives. He lowers our blood pressure, he brings a smile to our faces (all of the time) and he makes waking up every morning much, much easier.

As a new dog family, this is all new to us, but we’re learning the ropes as we go. Leading up to the big day, we got VERY nervous, and almost backed down for fear we couldn’t do it right. But our mantra — then and now — is “dumber, less capable people have done this before …”, which is probably a mantra we could carry over elsewhere in our lives. I highly recommend a Little Dude for anyone who wants to live a better quality of life.