This weekend was very annoying. Not just because the Oscars were terribly boring, but because I was kept awake and irritated by a very achy/sore wrist. Since Friday.

The most annoying part about my wrist is that I can’t explain or understand where the pain came from — but I know it kept me from doing a lot of things I wanted (needed?) to do.

Granted, pain and swelling in my wrist wouldn’t necessarily keep me off of the elliptical cross-trainer … but sometimes when a joint hurts so much it consumes the rest of your body and puts you in a really bad mood. So annoying!

After a weekend of self-medicating (for better or for worse), lots of ice and a little will power, my wrist is slowly feeling better.

Which means that I had no excuse not to shave this morning. (God forbid I left the house without a clean shave, right?) Which, given perspective, made a painful wrist both a curse and a blessing this weekend.