‘Twas the week before Christmas, and for those who are ill, Not much stirring was had, without relief from a pill. Despite making great strides to take care, Hopes for late nights with loved ones went up in thin air.

No rest comes at night while all snug in my bed, Going to sleep has become something I dread. With me in my sweatpants and my sweetheart in warm socks, I endlessly toss and turn with both eyes fixed on my clocks.

Sleep comes for a moment before I awake with an urge, And barely make it in time before I splurge. Moonlight gleams off the top of my metal cane, Reflects in my eye and results in a sprain.

The pain subsides later that night, And I sit down with my thoughts, determined to write. As I type away, making my points, I start to really look at this website, CreakyJoints.

The site has existed for more than ten years, Helping those with disease to allay questions and fears. With info and articles, events, and news, Health and advice, and columnists who muse.

Ms. Meniscus, Seth, Kristin, and Me, Ethereal Cereal and Creak Speaks to thee. Keeping autoimmune patients in the know, CJ has become the place to go.

Sitting and thinking of what I can write, I decide to parody this poem about a special Christmas night. Rhyming the couplets becomes quite a chore, And concentration diminishes quickly when she starts to snore.

Eventually I groove and the words start to flow, While I think about all that I want you to know. The holiday season is a time of thought, Not just a time when things are bought.

Keep in mind that some are ill, And not everyone this year is wishing for swill. Some of us simply want to feel good, And live this year as anyone healthy would.

So as you tear open that tightly wrapped game, Please spare a thought for those not the same. We live all around you, in school, at work, and in stores, And we might even be that guy who lives down the hall or next door.

Well it’s time for me to sleep, or at least to lie in bed, And as you celebrate the season, take this thought to your head. CreakyJoints tops the net full of sites, So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!