8 tips for making your life brighter (no matter how creaky your joints are feeling)CreakyJoints is pleased to welcome Arielle J. Fierman of Bewellwitharielle.com to our blogger lineup. Arielle is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who inspires people to get fit and eat healthy in practical and engaging ways. Arielle graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received additional certification from Columbia University. She has been featured on Dr. Oz , Today on NBC, CBS, Veria Living TV, SELF Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek.

“How can I feel better and look better… and just be happy?” asked one of my clients last week. As a health and wellness coach, I find that people usually come to me to first reap the benefits of my nutrition advice, yet, as time goes on, we start talking about their everything – not just the healthiest lettuce to eat, or the best energy bar to take on the go —  but simple forms of happiness and mental strength to get us through the day, and just help us smile. I believe that mental strength not only helps build the muscles in our mind, but also helps our body and joints move throughout life.

So, before I share all of my nutrition tips, we’re going to fill up with positive thoughts. No matter how creaky your joints are feeling right this second, close your eyes, take a deep breath and then open them.

Get excited.

Here are my 8 Tips for Making your Life Brighter (No Matter How Creaky Your Joints Are Feeling)!

  1. Send love to the places that are hurting. Get in touch with your body and literally touch the places that need some loving. Place a hand over the organ, bone, joint or part of your body that needs healing (or isn’t in your body or serving you anymore). Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, and take a deep breath out. Think of that part your body. Thank it for being inside of you (or thank it for leaving your body). Be grateful for it. Thank it for working hard to heal. Thank your heart that is pumping blood every second, thank your toes for taking you places, your arms that enable you to hug and be hugged. Breathe in and breathe out. Open your eyes.
  2. Surround yourself with bright things (and people). Buy yourself a pretty, colorful plant. Place it near your bed so every time you wake up it’s the first thing you see. (Plants also increase oxygen and suck CO2 and toxins out of the air that we breathe so they’re great for making us feel good). Or, choose that colorful scarf or tie from your closet  to brighten up your day (and the people around you!)
  3. Remind yourself of… what you love about yourself. What’s that one positive thing that makes you stand out and makes you different from colleagues and family? Is it your resiliency? Your love and patience for animals? Your contagious laugh? Appreciate and honor that thing (or those things) that make you YOU – unique and fabulous.
  4. Use the parts of your body that work. If you can move your feet with ease, move your feet and dance to your favorite song. Or, go take a walk (and leave your phone at home). If you can move your arms, dance with your arms to your favorite song. Punch out whatever thoughts/feelings you want to get out. And hug someone. If you can move both your arms and legs and have energy, go do something that you love to do. Or just turn up your volume and sway to the tunes in your seat!
  5. Drink up! Loading up on water throughout the day will help hydrate your body, skin and mind.  But life doesn’t need to be so serious, right? So, light a candle and drink it from pretty glassware- a martini glass or wine glass makes it taste even better and so much more fun!
  6. Eat the rainbow. Fill up your plate with colorful, fresh healthy foods. No, we’re not talking red velvet cake or blue Gatorade, we’re talking bright vegetables and fruit that will add brightness to your life. Try throwing in some frozen raspberries to your water and make it into a fruit sangria, or just lightly sprinkle some frozen spinach to your home-made pizza. Your body will thank you!
  7. Fill your mind with positivity. Did you know that you can only think one thought at a time? So remind yourself to think good thoughts to outweigh the negative ones! Put a positive quote somewhere that you look often (on the bottom of your computer screen, refrigerator, mirror or the back of your iphone). I love waking up to this alarm clock app. Little tiny positive bursts in your day will  keep you staying positive and thinking more good thoughts than negative ones.
  8. Smile– it literally sends positive messages to your brain. Go ahead- fake it even if you aren’t feeling up to it. Yes, there you go – Smile! YES!

Be Well,