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How can we have hope when we have just been diagnosed or are living with a demanding chronic illness? Dr. Laurie on “hope”

Arthritis 2016: Your Joints. Your Voice.

Turn off CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and do something important: vote for your favorite arthritis campaign slogan.


!%@# arthritis and every chronic disease that impacts our lives!

Invisible, Hidden, or Both?

How an introvert found power through sharing her story and her tips for those suffering with a chronic disease and those who love them.

Don’t be a big baby: Take your RA meds

Sometimes my husband acts like a child. I know, many women say this about their husbands. But what makes my husband acting like a big baby more difficult than most is that like me, he lives with rheumatoid arthritis. And the childlike behavior that drives me particularly crazy? When he goes off his meds.

When invisible illness isn’t so invisible anymore…

Titanium Triathlete explores the vulnerability that comes with visibility and grapples with what it means to be seen as a “sick girl”.

Diagnosis Day – My D Day

Our newest blogger Arthritic Artist recalls her personal “D-Day” (diagnosis day).


Dan Malito explores what strength means for a community with chronic pain.

The key to an anti-inflammatory diet

Top 10 tips for Anti-Inflammatory Eating: Follow these tips to help manage your RA symptoms through diet.

Emergency Preparedness Tips for the Arthritis Community

What would you do in an emergency? Kelly Boyd provides preparedness tips for patients, caregivers, and first responders.

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