• Seth

Toss out cute cats and make room for adorable puppies

Seth reflects on another turn of the calendar page.

Demand more and demand better

Seth on why none of us is as strong as all of us, and what we can do together with family, friends and neighbors.


Seth smashes his head into steel scaffolding and ends up sleeping on a basement couch for Thanksgiving.

Lights, Camera, ACR Meeting!

Ssshh: Seth snuck a camera into ACR to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the conference.

Hunkered Down for Sandy

Seth Ginsberg on a trying storm that wreaked havoc on his joints.

A Hot Shower Does The Trick

Seth Ginsberg discovers that a hot shower does the trick.

Fighting off the common cold

Seth catches the common cold and has a slight existential crisis on its behalf.

An addition to the family

Seth and Cara become a dog family.

Beauty is pain

This past week Seth attended Fashion Week, and confirmed that the better looking your shoes are, the more likely they are to hurt your feet!

Baby News

Seth’s brother welcomes baby Hannah to the world.

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