• Seth

A little pre-trip panic helps Seth beat back arthritis and keep on hiking

Seth keeps himself on track for an amazing trip.

Seth on the stumbling blocks we deal with when we live with arthritis

Going through life like we’re on a treadmill situated on an obstacle course.

Seth puts the “ridiculous” in radiculopathy

CreakyJoints co-founder on dealing with a neck that suddenly won’t turn to the left.

A case of spring fever

Seth lets his spring fevered mind wander.

A XXX (or at least R rated) forum to let loose on what living with arthritis really feels like?

Vote Yes or No.

Seth’s 50-State Network: grassroots advocacy that started from the trunk of his mom’s car

Seth recounts why and how he became a patient advocate

Seth learns to speak English in Australia

Seth considers the accent, meat pies, $58 lattes, and the Australian healthcare system.

There is a place called Bear Cottage, where sadly, children go at the end of their short lives

So touched by this respite for ill children in Australia, Seth and his wife donate their wedding gifts.

Seth gets out his pom-poms for Medicare on an NBC TV news interview in New York

In his latest media round, Seth advocates for the Federal insurance program.

Seth on advocating through the media.

How to gently feed a reporter background and bullet points to get your advocacy points across

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