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    Lene Andersen

Woo-Hoo: Book 2 of the highly acclaimed “Your Life with RA” series is happening!

CreakyJoints Blogger & award-winning writer Lene Andersen has completed the first draft of Book 2 of her highly acclaimed “Your Life with RA” series

Chronically ill and flaring? Time for some self care (aka eat dessert first)

When a combined RA and Fibro flare has CJ Blogger Lene Andersen close to curling up and crying, she looks to practice self care, starting with dessert

Lene Andersen’s Onset Story: My first memory of rheumatoid arthritis

In a poignant post written for #RABlog Week, CreakyJoints Blogger Lene Andersen recalls her first memories of rheumatoid arthritis. She was four years old.

Snapshot of Frustration: Lene Andersen’s power wheelchair is a lemon

After enduring body pain and bird poop on her head due to lemon of a wheelchair, CJ Blogger Lene Andersen gets literary, hectoring an astrological phenomenon

Is the term ‘patient’ counterproductive in advocacy? What to call ourselves?

CJ Blogger Lene Andersen says as long as we use the word ‘patient’ to describe ourselves, we will not have meaningful participation in healthcare

The Tragedy of Fibro: Is the condition truly ‘tragic’ or is this doctor hyperbole?

CJ Blogger Lene Andersen, who lives with RA and fibromyalgia, writes about her rheum calling Fibro a tragedy: “We can’t do much about fibromyalgia”

Swan Necks: Lene Andersen considers ring splints for her RA-deformed fingers

CreakyJoints Blogger Lene Andersen looks to find out if the beautiful ring splints she’s been seeing in the arthritis community can help her RA fingers

Why did this happen to me? —Thoughts on having a chronic illness

CreakyJoints Blogger and RA patient Lene Andersen on the fundamental question those with chronic illness ask themselves at some point: Why me?

Why does the medical world talk about DISCOMFORT when what you’re really feeling is PAIN?

CreakyJoints Blogger Lene Andersen, who lives with RA and fibromyalgia, on the use of the word ‘discomfort’ in the medical world when they are really talking about ‘pain’ —and why this really bugs her

One hell of a weekend: A bad rheumatoid arthritis/fibromyalgia flare, screaming pain, and fear

No stranger to unbearable pain, CreakyJoints Blogger Lene Andersen, who battles rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, writes about a recent flare that was so bad she had to ask her doc: “Will you shoot me up?”

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