• Kristin Anderson
    Kristin Anderson

Perception Is Reality

Kristin discovers her sometimes incorrect perception of others

Coloring Outside the Lines in Life

Kristin prepares for the Arthritis Walk while overcoming challenges

Births and Rebirths

The month of May gives Kristin many things to look forward to, but it also gives her a reminder to look back to what she has been through

Miss Independent

“I’m going to Singapore” “Singa-what?” “Singa-pore.” “Singa-when?” “Tomorrow.” A few short text messages and thus began my week and a half as Mr. Mom. House Husband. Miss Independent. Let me explain. My boyfriend was sent to Singapore on an emergency trip for work. He is often threatened with these work trips abroad but then they won’t materialize. This one did. And off he went on his magical island tour for a week and a half, leaving me behind to contend with the chores, the house, the car, the ghosts, and myself. You’d think I’d be worried about an emergency trip to the hospital for a case of pleurisy, but I was more concerned about a trip to the grocery store. The grocery store is my boyfriend’s job. It generally sends me into a panic attack. The overhead fluorescents (multiplied by the hundreds) are just begging my head to twist into a migraine, the dreary elevator music does nothing to inspire my spirit, the endless numbers of items to choose from challenges the foggiest of foggy arthritic-narcoleptic brains, the cold temperature causes a major Raynaud’s attack in my hands and feet (my hands turn purple and numb) and the congested aisles filled with anxious, impatient people adds up to sensory overload. My body and mind simply cannot handle it. One grocery store trip by myself fries my nerves and leaves me with aching muscles and tremendous fatigue. Sure enough, the grocery store did me in. And my first night in the house alone I guarded my room against any suspected paranormal activity or other intruders with scissors and a knife by my bedside. I practiced a few kick boxing moves before bed too. I reacquainted myself with the chores I knew a long time ago—back when I was a little more Read More

We Are All Worthy

The Olympics inspire Kristin’s inner confidence.

Iron Kristin

Kristin attempts to be stylish … while wearing a new heart monitor.

How Safe is My Medication Cocktail?

Kristin discovers that no one may be monitoring her drug interactions … except her.

Why an Arthritic Loves Her Kindle

Kristin explains how Amazon’s device has restored her love of reading.

When Your Body Ignores That It’s Christmas

Kristin reflects on the holiday season that was — and could have been.

The Unthinkable?

Inflammation- and fatigue-battling Kristin dares to take a vacation.

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