• Kristin Anderson
    Kristin Anderson

Oops I Did it Again!

Kristin and Hollywood’s young starlettes have more in common than you thought!

Pain through a child’s eyes

Kristin reflects on how children cope with pain.

Finding what’s sick* about my sick days

Kristin discusses her sick days for work.

Best Friends Can Make the Best Medicine

Kristin accompanies her boyfriend to Ohio to see some of his friends. Although a sleepless night starts off her weekend on the wrong foot, she is surprised by how she feels as a result on Monday morning.

There are stories all around you

Kristin celebrates her column’s first year anniversary and learns that she is not the only one with a hidden disease.

How are you getting ready?

Changing seasons brings changing habits. Kristin provides some tips on how to stay healthy during the changes this fall/winter.

Sometimes Honesty Is Not the Best Policy

Kristin ponders whether her friends and co-workers should really know the whole truth about her chronic disease

Travel Tips from Kristin

Kristin shares some helpful ideas to help ease the stress of traveling

Oh, the pain we endure

Kristin visits the dermatologist

A New Outlook On Pain

Kristin finds herself in pain after a cross-country trip and seeks a new source of help

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