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    Hurt Blogger

A sour note at a music festival

Britt finds an EMT who sounds way off about RA and painkillers

Britt’s rheumy sends her to a pain managment clinic

To Britt, these were the shady doctors in strip malls, the pill pushers, the last resort.

Try, Try, Try Again

Britt gives herself a swift kick in the ass and takes her own advice.

Britt takes back her birthday

Forget about bribing people to be your friend with big loud boozy dance parties.

The Joy in Over-doing It!

To keep her ‘ridiculous’ holiday spirit going, Britt overdoes it a little and lets things get a little messy, and it’s okay.

Arthritis support comes full circle

A twenty-something’s refusal to let Arthur dictate her life, and laughing along the way.

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