• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Surrender to one’s chronic pain and illness?

Dr. Laurie on how ‘surrendering’ to or refusing to resist illness or the pain can open you to receiving what can help

Chronically ill and settling for what ‘only sort-of-works’?

Dr. Laurie on not stopping too soon and settling for what ‘only sort-of-works’ when it comes to medical treatment

A gift of chronic illness?

Dr. Laurie on how the limitations of chronic illness can open the mind and heart to what really matters

A wish for a fearless New Year

Dr. Laurie on giving up fear, the constant companion of pain and suffering

Coping with the holidays: When ‘have a little merry’ is more than a wish away

Dr. Laurie on what to do if this is a painful time of the year for you

I feel your pain…too much? Do people living with chronic pain and illness feel too much empathy?

Dr. Laurie on what you can do if you’re feeling another’s pain and suffering to the point of personal exhaustion

How much does positive thinking help?

Dr. Laurie on why we can’t be all ‘bright side’

How to make informed decisions about your RA treatment when you are tired, in pain, and overwhelmed

Dr. Laurie on how to avoid decision fatigue so you make your best choices

Best care takes more than a rheumatologist

Dr. Laurie on how you need a group, a combo, a troupe of folk—a team to help you build your health and life

‘Joint Decisions’ web chat series debut: Dr. Laurie talks with Matt Iseman, a comedian living with RA

Bring your questions and join the first ‘Joint Decisions’, September 23, 7pm EST