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Living with chronic illness but afraid to get angry because it’s ‘not nice’? This one’s for you

When you live with chronic illness, it goes with the territory to feel angry. CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie says you must own up to it—but many are afraid to get angry because it’s not ‘nice’. Here’s how you can let it rip

Sneak Peek: Insider rehearsal nuggets from this year’s first Joint Decisions web chat show on living with RA

CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie shares nuggets from the rehearsal from this year’s first Joint Decisions show. Get an insider’s look at the premiere and have your questions ready when the chat airs live Mon., June 15, 7pm (EDT)

Beaten down by chronic pain? Making your bed or doing the dishes could help you feel a little better

CreakyJoints Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how those living with chronic pain and stuck in the feeling of “why bother?” can actually start to feel a little better and a little happier if they take control and change some daily habits

Chronically ill and can’t stop fretting? Here’s how to feel calmer and happier

Those with chronic illness need to stop dwelling on the negative—but how? CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on the small changes you can make to ‘install’ good experiences so you can shift your mood, and feel calmer and happier

Chronically ill & can’t stop worrying what comes next? This one’s for you

Is your brain Velcro for bad and Teflon for good? Dr. Laurie on Rick Hansen’s book, “Hardwiring Happiness,” and why it’s especially important for those living with chronic illness to stop dwelling on the negative

How to enjoy good news when one is chronically ill and too used to bad

For those living with pain and chronic illness who are used to dealing with negative events on a daily basis, it’s especially important to learn how to savor good news and moments – Dr. Laurie tells you how

How do we respond to someone in unending, unimaginable pain?

Profoundly moved by CJ Blogger Katherine Macfarlane’s searing description of her rock bottom RA pain, health psychologist Dr. Laurie shares what she has learned about being with others in pain – what can we offer and what is needed

Live with an unpredictable illness and can’t stop worrying? Read this

For those who live with an unpredictable illness, It may seem more rational to always watch for what can go wrong. Dr. Laurie on how you can let go of this hyper-vigilant worry and enjoy life when things go right

Chronically ill and feeling stuck in a bad life? There are ways to move on

Health psychologist Dr. Laurie on the different patterns of ‘stuckness’ that can make us feel that we’ll never get out of a dead end life, and how we can move on, even if with chronic illness

Hibernate, try a little nose work to ease the winter of your discontent

Winter blahs got you down? Health psychologist Dr. Laurie suggests we do what the animals have been doing forever: Hibernate, rest, slow down — take a whiff