• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Food, Exercise, Environment … and Your Immune System

Dr. Laurie finds inspiration in an author’s battle against cancer.

Stroke of Insight

Dr. Laurie finds inspiration in a stroke victim’s tale of recovery.

Navigating the Dangers of American Medicine Today

Dr. Laurie shares a new book, chronicling a doctor’s own journey through the American medical system. And she has much, much to say.

To Work, Or Not To Work … and How?

Dr. Laurie shares a book tackling jobs and arthritis.

That’s What Friends Are For

Dr. Laurie explains how friendship may be the best medicine.

A Child with a Chronic Illness

Caring for a sick child? Dr. Laurie explains how to navigate the complicated terrain.

Not Disappointing Your Loved Ones

Dr. Laurie explains how to make plans — knowing that flares are unpredictable.

How to Talk About Your Chronic Illness

Dr. Laurie explains how to overcome fear or embarrassment — and tackle those situations in which we must share our diagnosis.


Dr. Laurie explains how denying our reality prevents us from finding happiness.

What To Do When Anxiety Strikes

Chronic illness can plague us with worry. Dr. Laurie explains how to relax.