• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Your Story

Dr. Laurie explains how to cope with life’s changes.

Finding the Courage Within

Dr. Laurie describes how we scare ourselves into inaction.

What Are You Tolerating?

Dr. Laurie says you may be draining your energy needlessly.

Why It’s So Important to Fight Depression

Arthritis patients and their loved ones can be especially vulnerable.


Dr. Laurie urges you to take time for yourself.

Food, Exercise, Environment … and Your Immune System

Dr. Laurie finds inspiration in an author’s battle against cancer.

Stroke of Insight

Dr. Laurie finds inspiration in a stroke victim’s tale of recovery.

Navigating the Dangers of American Medicine Today

Dr. Laurie shares a new book, chronicling a doctor’s own journey through the American medical system. And she has much, much to say.

To Work, Or Not To Work … and How?

Dr. Laurie shares a book tackling jobs and arthritis.

That’s What Friends Are For

Dr. Laurie explains how friendship may be the best medicine.