• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Show 19 – Happiness and the Holidays

December hits and stress ensues. Dr. Laurie explains how discovering and focusing on what makes us happy can alleviate some of that tension.

Clearing Space, Letting Go

Dr. Laurie discusses cleaning out space from the clutter of the past.

Show 18 – Arthritis and the Guilt

A reader writes that she is in so much pain and is so tired, she feels wracked with guilt. Dr. Laurie explains why guilt has no place in an arthritic’s life — and how to cast it away.

Show 17 – Letting Your Inner Essence Shine Through

Without realizing it, arthritis can lead us to hide behind a protective shield. Dr. Laurie illustrates how tearing down that barrier reveals our true beauty.

Show 16 – Mighty Endorphin Power Rangers

A response to Dr. Laurie’s last column got her thinking: one of our members pointed out the inexpensive beauty of endorphins for feeling better.

Show 15 – The Step After Dating …

Last time Dr. Laurie spoke about dating and arthritis. This week she came across two different articles that address the next level of a relationship when you have arthritis — sexuality and intimacy.

Show 14 – I Have Arthritis.  Who Would Want To Date Me?

A reader wrote in to Ms. Meniscus worried that — because of her arthritis diagnosis — no one would possibly want to date her. Dr. Laurie steps in to shine light on a relationship problem all-too-common for autoimmune disease patients.

Show 13 – The Most Beautiful People

Dr. Laurie finds that beauty, love and inspiration come hand-in-hand.

Show 12 – A (Little) Change Will Do You Good

Losing weight, altering your daily schedule, letting go of stress — all can be difficult to commit to, let alone do. Dr. Laurie has the answer.

Show 11 – Meditation Can Help You Feel Better

It seems so simple — casting negativity away. But, as Dr. Laurie explains, if you can learn to do so, it’s another means of reclaiming your life. Here’s how.

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