• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Wisdom from Traveling with Doctors

After weeks of travel, Dr. Laurie looks back at some of the most important messages she noticed from doctors who deal with chronic pain

New Way RA Webinar Followup

Dr. Laurie talks about her experience with the live webinar and takes the opportunity to go over some additional points

No Worries!

Dr. Laurie takes a look at the difficulties of RA with a more structured, healthier approach to life

Maintenance or Fixing

Should we reevaluate our philosophy from “fixing” to “maintaining?”

Balance is Overrated

The word balance has become quite the word of the year

Balcony Views and Shifting Perspectives

We live our lives from center stage, but sometimes taking a balcony seat can help us gain perspective.

The Middle Way

Dr. Laurie explains that we do not exist solely in extremes.

Finding Someone to Love

Dr. Laurie writes that allowing yourself to be loved is crucial.

Ditch Those January Blues

Dr. Laurie shares how to kick-start our happiness this time of year.

New Year, New You

Dr. Laurie explains how to overcome the guilt of failed resolutions.