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How can we have hope when we have just been diagnosed or are living with a demanding chronic illness? Dr. Laurie on “hope”

How to lift your mood, even when the reality of pain and limitation don’t change

CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie with an easy change you can make that can increase well-being, lift mood, and decrease stress even for those who live with chronic pain

The courage of those who live each day with the pain & uncertainty of illness

CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how those living with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis may not notice or even believe their lives are courageous, but they are

Are holidays a stressful time for you? Dr. Laurie says listen to your heart

For those who find holidays overwhelming, CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how getting in touch with the rhythm of your heart can calm and de-stress you

Coping with a Flare: When willpower’s not enough to get through the day

CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how using willpower—pushing the body by sheer force of will—is not a long-term strategy, and what you can do

Dr. Laurie: How to say no to others without feeling guilty, selfish or mean

Those living with chronic illness often need to put ‘me-first’ but it’s hard to say ‘no’ to others. CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how to say no

How to find your funny and escape the daily grind of living with chronic illness

After meeting Matt Iseman, the comedian with RA , CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie offers up tips to help you find your own funny and bring laughter into your life

Rheumatoid arthritis & the ‘Five Stages of Grief’

CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on how blogger RA Guy applies the stages of grief popularized by Kubler-Ross to rheumatoid arthritis for better mental wellness

Chronically ill, want to make a change—but you’re stuck? This one’s for you

Want to make a change in your life but you’re stuck in ‘good enough’? CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie with some jump starts to improve your life

Does staying positive & cheery really help those living with chronic illness?

CJ Health psychologist Dr. Laurie looks at positive thinking and whether trying to stay cheery all the time is a good idea for those with chronic illness

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