• Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito

Halloween: When disabled kids can put on a mask and be like everyone else

Dan Malito, who has battled RA since he was a boy, reflects on the one day a year when no one could tell he was different

CreakyJoints: Feel a little bit less frightened, hurt a little less, know someone, somewhere, always has your back

Daniel Malito on what CreakyJoints means to him

How finding an RA medicine feels like participating in the cell phone race

Dan Malito on getting the latest, and greatest, most fantastic, best ever, most cutting edge iPhone 6—err—rheumatoid arthritis medicine of the day

Summer, and those who hate it

Dan Malito on the passing of his least favorite season

Old school fundraising—and a walk no one cares about

Dan Malito on what the Arthritis Foundation can learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Consumer Reports cover story: “America’s Scary Pain Pill Habit”

Dan Malito on why the CR pain pill article is sensational reporting and narcotic McCarthyism that can hurt chronic pain patients

Fire burn & cauldron bubble: Emotions erupt & surface

When Dan tears up over a TV character dying on a show he rarely watches, he wonders if his recent emoting is from the mental strain of living with chronic illness

Dan leaves his one-ton security blanket on wheels at home

Driving himself everywhere since the day he got his license, Dan gives in to his fiancée’s request to take the train—and lives to tell about it

World Cup fever like living with RA?

For Dan, watching the World Cup becomes an emotional rollercoaster eerily reminiscent of living with rheumatoid arthritis

The mental pain of chronic illness

Dan battles the lack of desire to anything

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