• Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito

R.A. Eight Days A Week — Chronic Illness Can be More than a Full-Time Job

This week, Dan takes a look at just how much time and effort goes into taking care of yourself when you suffer from chronic illness. Many people do not realize just how much time gets eaten up by doctor’s visits, filling prescriptions, and the other day-to-day minutiae that those who are ill have to contend with. Dan takes us through a potential month.


This week, Dan describes a recent episode he had with his prosthetic hip. It involved a trip to the emergency room, a ride in an ambulance, and the phoning of 911. It also made him realize just what is important in the lives of people who suffer from autoimmune disease, and the benefits of having support available at all times.


This week, Dan takes at look at a subject that is taboo to many, fun to some, and individual to all. That three letter word we all love and hate at times in our lives — sex. Sexual activity is something that we who suffer from chronic physical illness have to take very seriously. There are unique concerns and questions that come along with the act, and Dan take us through some of the things he’s learned.

Insurance Assurance

Medical insurance signifies many things to many people. For those with chronic illness, though, medical insurance is one of life’s necessities. If the provider is generous, it can be a pleasure to deal with. If the provider is stingy, though, it can be a constant source of stress and worry. This week, Daniel tells us what medical insurance means to those who are ill.

Disabled In Public

This week, Dan takes a look at something many disabled and physically handicapped people go through — public scrutiny. Almost everyone who has a physical ailment has been in public and been stared or gawked at. Well, this tongue-in-cheek look at the different types of social nosy nellies will help both the handicapped and the curious to see things from a different angle.

Getting Back On The Horse

In the second column to deal with his recent operation, Daniel talks about the different aspects of what it takes to get back to his normal routine after such a drastic interruption. Many of you know how much a disruption in the status quo can mean to a chronically ill individual, and those who don’t can gain some insight into just how much it means.

Choices – Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Those of you who have to make small decisions each day that may greatly affect your health or even your life know that the factors that go into making these decisions are numerous. A decision that takes only a few seconds may result in a week of pain. This week, Daniel tries to illustrate all the factors that go into these small decisions, and just by the actual act of reading the column you may be able to gain some insight.

The NSAID Farce

If you have ever watched those commercials on television for arthritis medicine and remarked how inaccurate they are, then this week’s column is for you. If you cringe every time you see someone playing sports in an advertisement for a Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment, don’t worry you’re not alone. Dan takes a look at how television is playing a part in perpetuating the myths and stereotypes that haunt those of us who suffer from RA and similar diseases.

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

In his first piece of the New Year, Dan takes a look at those wonderful and scary white lies we call New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us pile exaggeration on top of our un-obtained goals and we end up with three or four promises made on New Year’s Eve that we know will never happen, even as we are telling them to our friends and family. Well, this year, he has a suggestion that should allow everyone to accomplish their New Year’s Goals.

It Never Rains

This week, Dan tells us about the emotional roller coaster that came along with the discovery of his latest ailment. The feelings, images, and thoughts Daniel experienced are akin to what many chronically ill people suffer with. Of course, there is a happy ending. Or is there? Find out as Daniel tells the tale in his usual humorous, yet meaningful fashion.