• Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito


Dan Malito explores what strength means for a community with chronic pain.

Pet Story: The cat that got Dan Malito through his darkest RA days

CJ Blogger Dan Malito—once a no-pet advocate and NEVER a cat person—on the Siamese that got him through his days of isolation, horror and pain

Staring Contest: A dark humor look at how people stare when you’re disabled

CJ Blogger Dan Malito, whose RA is so severe he’s ‘officially’ disabled, on how people literally fall over themselves reacting to him when he goes out in public

Crazy & ridiculous things people have said to Dan Malito about his arthritis

CreakyJoints Blogger Dan Malito with some of the craziest & ridiculous things people have said to him about his rheumatoid arthritis over the last 25 years

Daniel Malito on living with the crippling uncertainty of autoimmune illness

CJ Blogger Dan Malito. who’s battled RA for 30 years, on how the chronically ill live in a tense Cold War state, never knowing when their bodies will erupt into pain

Up Down Up: The emotional roller coaster that’s life with autoimmune disease

After CJ Blogger Dan Malito mentally preps for major surgery, receives good wishes from friends & family, and starts counting down the days—his operation is cancelled

What does rheumatoid arthritis feel like? —A no-holds-barred @&!/# description

CJ Blogger Dan Malito, an almost 30-year RA veteran, describes what it feels like living with the disease in evocative and sometimes r-rated terms

Doctor, Doctor: Did you really just say that? (Dan Malito with some doozies)

Before CJ Blogger Dan Malito undergoes surgery and adds another doctor to his repertoire, he recalls some of the doozies he’s had over a lifetime of RA

The War of the Frozen: A man with RA, his wife, and the window air conditioning unit

The newly married CreakyJoints Blogger Dan Malito on what’s it’s like for someone with arthritis to sleep with the frigid jabbing spears of an air conditioniner because he’s sharing a bed with a wife he dearly loves but who likes it cold

Smallville: A drug eases Dan Malito’s bad RA pain but deals a low blow to his male ego

While living with a chronic illness such as RA impacts both sexes, there are certain challenges faced by men. CJ Blogger Dan Malito on dealing with one particularly distressing side effect that hit him right in his ‘man-ness’

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