• Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito

Up Down Up: The emotional roller coaster that’s life with autoimmune disease

After CJ Blogger Dan Malito mentally preps for major surgery, receives good wishes from friends & family, and starts counting down the days—his operation is cancelled

What does rheumatoid arthritis feel like? —A no-holds-barred @&!/# description

CJ Blogger Dan Malito, an almost 30-year RA veteran, describes what it feels like living with the disease in evocative and sometimes r-rated terms

Doctor, Doctor: Did you really just say that? (Dan Malito with some doozies)

Before CJ Blogger Dan Malito undergoes surgery and adds another doctor to his repertoire, he recalls some of the doozies he’s had over a lifetime of RA

The War of the Frozen: A man with RA, his wife, and the window air conditioning unit

The newly married CreakyJoints Blogger Dan Malito on what’s it’s like for someone with arthritis to sleep with the frigid jabbing spears of an air conditioniner because he’s sharing a bed with a wife he dearly loves but who likes it cold

Smallville: A drug eases Dan Malito’s bad RA pain but deals a low blow to his male ego

While living with a chronic illness such as RA impacts both sexes, there are certain challenges faced by men. CJ Blogger Dan Malito on dealing with one particularly distressing side effect that hit him right in his ‘man-ness’

Into the Abyss: CreakyJoints Blogger Dan Malito calls his medical insurance company

RA patient Dan Malito says the state of medical insurance in this country for chronically ill individuals is abysmal—and his latest absurd conversation with his health insurance carrier is just one more example why

When the 3rd member of a budding marriage is autoimmune disease

When rheumatoid arthritis reared its ugly head on CJ Blogger Dan Malito’s honeymoon, he wondered what cursed life he had brought to his new wife—but then Dan realized with the right partner, you’ll find a way

From the vault of crazy people Dan Malito has met because of his disease

Dan Malito, who has battled RA since a boy, reaches into his “Vault of Crazy People I Met Because of My Disease” and brings you Sam, a guy who works behind the counter at his local CVS

A groom-to-be with RA tries to keep calm and plan that wedding (HA!)

From picking coordinating napkin color schemes to creating a seating chart and deciding who gets to sit at the spillover table—Daniel Malito takes a humorous look at planning his wedding, homicidal impulses included

What’s so funny about chronic illness? TalkingJoints, now on CreakyJoints

The new TalkingJoints storytelling series is Dan Malito’s wry humor at its finest, distilled down to 5-minute bite-sized portions. Having a bad day? Listen to an episode and things won’t seem so bad